You Had Me at Black
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Where Black Millennials tell the stories you won't see on TV. After tuning in, subscribe to our newsletter to get first dibs at tickets to to our live storytelling events:

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    Rise of the African Americans

    Bria struggles with how to react to a teacher who can't seem to learn how to speak to his Black students.

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    He's Not Worth It, But My Light Bill Is

    Welcome to Season 4! After a traumatic experience at work, Brea reclaims her right to be the Angry Black Woman. After listening, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play Music to get new episodes straight to your device. Then leave a review!

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    The Legend of Yoga Booty & Angry White Girl - Season 3 Finale Pt. 2

    Welcome to our Season 3 Finale Part 21 This week we’re playing back the last two stories from our last kickback in Oakland. First up is Randi, whose story, effectively dubbed, “The Legend of Yoga Booty #1” needs no introduction. We close out this season with Mehera, who is just tired of being told she’s not *really* black. . Produced by: @adizaheghan . Our kickbacks are a space to celebrate our culture, our community, and to turn up. All across the country we see gentrification push us out, disregard our history and erase our presence. In the wake of that, YHMAB is a notice that we are still here and we are not silent. We want to bring these events across the country and need your help. We have 2 days to reach our Kickstarter goal, or we’ll lose everything we’ve raised. Make a pledge to join our movement at

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    Theo & Bubba's Mixtape - Season 3 Finale Pt. 1

    Welcome to pt 1. of our Season 3 finale! Today we're playing back stories recorded at our last kickback in Oakland. The first comes from Theo, a former child singer whose mom did whatever it took to support his career. The second, from Mani, who tried to run away from something that was rooted deep within. Produced by: Adizah Eghan After listening, head to to back our Kickstarter campaign and bring live shows like this one to cities across the country. We have 9 days left to raise $12k!

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    Bend it Like Natty

    Produced by: Britney Abrahams Music & Scoring by: Deion Henderson A young rising athlete, Andre learns that sometimes giving up what you love can bring you closer to who you love. We recorded this story as part of the Black Space Matters exhibit at Art Basel Miami. It's a multi-media project that pays tribute to black-owned spaces in the wake of gentrification and mass cultural appropriation. Andre, who goes by Natty Rebel, was one of the artists on the project. After listening, check out our Kickstarter: We're raising $25k to bring our live experiences on tour to different cities! We just released new rewards, including personal finance consultations, fitness coaching, and professional headshot sessions!

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    Zoo What You Gotta Zoo

    To her horror, Jessica's dad reveals an unconventional plan to get in to their local zoo. Produced by: Afi Yellow-Duke Scoring by: Charlie Caperning After listening, check out our Kickstarter: We're raising funds to bring our live experiences on tour to different cities! Today we released a new reward for ten $50 donors: a 90-minute crash course in launching and growing a podcast. This course will be taught in a virtual small-group over Google Hangout and will cover: - Picking a podcast name - Equipment and software - Designing your cover art - Hosting, and getting set up on platforms like iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play - Must-do marketing activities (pre-and post-launch) Finally, be sure to chat us up in Twitter @youhadmeatblack

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    Birthday Tings

    Today is our birthday! In just one year we've had the privilege of capturing dozens of inspiring, raw, intimate, and hilarious stories across the country. To celebrate this milestone for us, we reflected on our favorites, and the ones that made the greatest impact on us. Visit to hear/read our reflections. We'll be back next week with a new story ;) Peace.

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    Degrees of Faith

    Jonathan's story begins after he starts a new job, and learns his company has a program that might help him fulfill his mom's lifelong dream. Produced by: Britney Abrahams Music and Scoring by: Deion Henderson After listening, share a story about your mom with us. Email a photo and 1 minute audio recording (mp3 or wav file) to by Saturday, 5/13 at 3pm PST.

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    Ganja in Trouble

    12 year old Beejus goes to Jamaica on a family vacation, and ends up trying to smuggle cannabis over the border. Produced by: Jarrod Sport Music & Scoring by: Charlie Corpening After listening, share your funniest ganja stories on Twitter: @youhadmeatblack

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    Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammunition

    Welcome to the second installment of our Tech Inclusion series. Tech Inclusion is a conference that brings tech investor, entrepreneurs and workers together to discuss solutions to the industry's diversity and inclusion challenges. They invited us to host a storytelling segment during the conference last year. This week's story comes from Leslie, who has led engineering teams at some of the largest and most influential tech companies. One day after a confrontation with his father, his dad goes missing and Leslie sets out in search of him. Produced by: Adizah Eghan After listening, join us on Twitter @youhadmeatblack

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