You Had Me at Black
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    Mother's Jewels

    Mother's Jewels is a two-part reflective series in collaboration with CultTV which explores how Black mothers pour into their children. The intergenerational lessons they draw from (or reject), and the life experiences they lean on.

    We asked eleven women, "What's a conversation you had with your mom, and one you didn't have, that you couldn't wait to have with your children?" These are their stories.

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    My Name is Jackie

    As a first year teacher in the Bay Area, Adha caught one student bullying another. But when it came time to identify the student to the Principal, he struggled to do so.

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    Carl's Angels

    After ending his engagement and recovering from a medical emergency, Carl finally learns to listen to Black Women.

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    The Problem with Precaution

    Kevin (fka Erk tha Jerk) learns the hard way to be careful what you wish for.

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    Fonkin' Up

    Despite graduating from a prestigious college and traveling the world, a young man struggles to escape the conditioning of his hometown.

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    Ms Tramble’s Favorite

    Chinaka makes an unlikely friend over the fence in her grandmother’s backyard.

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    Irish You Would

    Elijah and his friends' Saint Patrick's Day fun takes a sobering turn outside of a San Francisco bar.

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    Rise of the African Americans

    Bria struggles with how to react to a teacher who can't seem to learn how to speak to his Black students.

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    He's Not Worth It, But My Light Bill Is

    Welcome to Season 4! After a traumatic experience at work, Brea reclaims her right to be the Angry Black Woman. After listening, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play Music to get new episodes straight to your device. Then leave a review!

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    The Legend of Yoga Booty & Angry White Girl - Season 3 Finale Pt. 2

    Welcome to our Season 3 Finale Part 21 This week we’re playing back the last two stories from our last kickback in Oakland. First up is Randi, whose story, effectively dubbed, “The Legend of Yoga Booty #1” needs no introduction. We close out this season with Mehera, who is just tired of being told she’s not *really* black. . Produced by: @adizaheghan . Our kickbacks are a space to celebrate our culture, our community, and to turn up. All across the country we see gentrification push us out, disregard our history and erase our presence. In the wake of that, YHMAB is a notice that we are still here and we are not silent. We want to bring these events across the country and need your help. We have 2 days to reach our Kickstarter goal, or we’ll lose everything we’ve raised. Make a pledge to join our movement at

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