You Had Me at Black
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You Had Me at Black is where Black Millennials tell the stories you won't see on TV. Season 5 we toured Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago to capture their most authentic and moving stories right in the heart of the city. After tuning in, visit our website ( and subscribe to our newsletter to get first dibs on tickets to our live storytelling events.

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    Help Gone Haywire

    This week's story comes from Stephanie, a mother racing against time and the system, to get her kids back. Here's what happened.

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    This week’s story comes from Sarah. Newly single after a 5-year relationship ended, she decides to try a new style of dating, and learns more about love than she did in the 5 years prior.

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    Chicken Spot Popped

    Alicia bags a date at the chicken spot, and things pop off.

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    Joy Trafficking - Season 6 Premier

    Welcome to Season 6 of You Had Me at Black! This season we recorded all of our stories over Skype, which allowed us reach people in places we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. This week's story comes from Kelly, who grew up in predominantly white Utah. She never knew what her parents did for a living, then one day the cops showed up at her door.

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