You Had Me at Black
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You Had Me at Black is where Black Millennials tell the stories you won't see on TV. Season 5 we toured Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago to capture their most authentic and moving stories right in the heart of the city. After tuning in, visit our website ( and subscribe to our newsletter to get first dibs on tickets to our live storytelling events.

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    Picking up Dust

    A young woman discovers her husband texting her younger sister, forcing her to dust off skeletons in her closet.

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    Forever 4-21

    Kham gets into the college of his dreams but can't afford tuition. Until he has a great idea on 4-20. What starts off as a plot to make some quick cash turns into a full-on operation.

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    The Homegoing Team

    After receiving heartbreaking news about her mother, Deena is forced to make sense of her new normal.

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    The Dates Add Up

    CeeJaye's one-night hook up results in unexpected and life-altering changes.

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    P*ta Brenda

    Celia gets into it with her landlord, Brenda.

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    Voice of Gratitude

    At five years old, Richard gets adopted by his kindergarden teacher.

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    Everything Must Go

    Krystal puts the pieces of her life back together after a painful divorce.

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    Leaving the Kingdom

    Joi makes a difficult decision between living the life her mother expected and defining life for her self.

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    Sanctified Gangsta

    Fed up by the way his grandmother dresses him, 8th grade Meechie joins the BDs, a Chicago-area gang, to buy new clothes.

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